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What Is Male Rhinoplasty? How Should It Be?

What Is Male Rhinoplasty?

The demand for male rhinoplasty increases every year, and as a result, the question of what should be the ideal nose in men is asked more frequently. With the effect of changing popular culture and social media, men, like women, care more about their appearance day by day. Having an aesthetically beautiful face and body becomes an essential part of social life, business life and self-confidence.

One of the primary reasons for the need for male rhinoplasty is that men suffer from more trauma and nasal breathing difficulties than women. Nasal traumas can impair both respiratory function and the external appearance of the nose, so their treatment should involve both functional and aesthetic corrections.

How Should Male Rhinoplasty Be Performed?

In general, the ideal nose shape in men should reflect the personality with high self-confidence, power, and leadership characteristics. A curved and excessively arched nose is not only aesthetically unattractive, but it can also give the impression of being anti-social and criminally inclined.

  • Not all men have similar faces, and a single nose type will not be ideal for all male faces. The nose should look natural and be harmonious with other elements of the face including the forehead, cheekbones, and chin tip, and corners of the lower jaw.
  • A nose with very perfect lines, as if drawn with a pencil, can sometimes disrupt the naturalness of the male face and draw attention in a negative way.
  • An aesthetically ideal nose must not impair the masculine character of a man’s face. A small and curved nose in women gives the face a more feminine character, while in men, the nose as a whole should not be reduced too much and the nasal lines and transitions should be sharper.
  • A nasal ridge that looks straight or slightly arched in the side view gives the face a more masculine appearance.
  • The nasolabial (nose-upper lip) angle should be approximately 90 degrees, and the nasal tip should not be as upturned as in women.
  • The change in men after rhinoplasty should be less pronounced than in women.
  • The nasal breathing function as well as the aesthetic appearance should definitely be corrected.

What are the Features of Male Rhinoplasty?

In general, both male and female rhinoplasty are performed using the same surgical techniques, but there are some significant differences in the details.

  • Male nasal skin is thicker and oilier than female nasal skin. When rhinoplasty is performed on men with this type of skin, changes in the bone and cartilage tissues may not be reflected in the external appearance at the same rate.
  • In rhinoplasty, men’s noses should not be reduced as much as women’s. A thick and oily nose skin cannot keep up with this reduction, causing problems. On the other hand, a small nose impairs a man’s masculine facial features.
  • Men who have undergone rhinoplasty are likely to experience more swelling and bruising because of their thicker nasal bones and skin. For the same reasons, the edema may persist longer in men than in women, and it may take longer for a male nose to take its final shape compared to a female nose.
  • Changes in male noses should be more limited than in female noses, and dramatic changes that would change the facial appearance should be avoided.
  • Men are more likely than women to have structural problems with the intranasal structures as a consequence of previous trauma, so the surgery should definitely involve the resolution of such problems and the improvement of the respiratory function. For this purpose, cartilage supports should be placed on the nasal framework and nasal tip.
  • The nasal ridge should not be rasped down excessively during the dorsal rasping procedure. In fact, more aesthetic and functional results can be achieved when a straight nasal ridge is obtained by lifting the nasal root and nasal tip with cartilage supports instead of rasping down the nasal ridge to a considerable extent.
  • It is recommended to avoid making a very thin and pointed nasal tip.
  • In men, the nasal tip should not be lifted as much as in women.
  • When correcting a large-looking nose on a man’s face that has indistinct cheekbones and chin, is a better approach to perform procedures such as fat injection to augment the cheekbones and jaw lines rather than reducing the size of the nose excessively. With a male rhinoplasty operation performed in this way, it is possible to achieve a more masculine and balanced male face.

Who Are Not Suitable Candidates For Male Rhinoplasty?

It is not only the success of the aesthetic surgery that makes the aesthetic appearance expected from rhinoplasty available, and makes the patient satisfied with the result. Many patient-related factors are important in this context, and they should be analyzed thoroughly before surgery.

Men who are not suitable candidates for rhinoplasty:

  • Those who are perfectionist or have a narcissistic personality,
  • Those who expect an unrealistic, surgically unachievable result from surgery,
  • Those who cannot describe a significant deformation in their nose but still want to have plastic surgery,
  • Those who excessively exaggerate a minor deformity in their noses,
  • Those who have suddenly decided on the surgery without giving it enough thought,
  • Those who still receive psychological treatment,
  • Those with general health problems,
  • Those under18 years of age, who have not completed their facial development,
  • Those who attribute the hitches in their private lives to the deformation in their noses and expect a positive change in these problems after the surgery.

Which Men Are Suitable Candidates For Rhinoplasty?

  • Those who are 18 years old or older,
  • Those who have no physical or mental health problems,
  • Those with a significant deformation in their noses,
  • Those who have aesthetic problems as well as anatomical problems in the nose that prevent breathing,
  • Those who have realistic expectations from surgery,
  • Those who have wanted to have rhinoplasty for years, and who are ready for a change in their face.

2024 Male Rhinoplasty Prices in Istanbul

The cost of a male rhinoplasty operation varies depending on the difficulty of the surgery, the additional procedures to be performed on the nose, and the hospital where the surgery will be performed. You can contact our office to know the current surgery price specific to you.


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