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Lip Aesthetics (Lip Filling)

The most demanded aesthetic procedure under the title of lip aesthetics is lip filler injection, also known as lip enhancement or lip augmentation. The lips play an important role in the face’s ability to look young and beautiful. The perception of aesthetically beautiful lip shape may differ from person to person over time. Therefore, the opinions and tastes of the patient and the physician regarding this should be known. Before an aesthetic procedure, the desired shape should be clearly expressed.

With increasing age, the lips also get older and lose their volume and fullness. The upper lips droop and cover the upper lips like a curtain. The corners of the mouth sag, making the person look unhappy. The lower lip sags as well, and instead of the upper teeth, the lower teeth become visible when talking. Wrinkles develop on the lip skin. There is no single method that can return back all these signs of aging.

  • For wrinkles around the lips, the dermabrasion procedure is performed with laser, chemical or mechanical methods.
  • In cases where the upper lip is too long, the lip can be shortened by making a vertical incision to remove a part of skin from area below the level of the nostrils, but this incision leaves a scar. This procedure is performed more smoothly on old people than in young people.
  • In the younger age group, people often complain about the thinness of their lips, so the lip enhancement or lip filler injection procedure is commonly performed on them.
  • Lip filler injection, is the procedure intended to support the volume of the lips that are congenitally thin or have lost their fullness by falling a prey to time, to make them proportional to the face of the person, and to give them a more lively appearance. Lip filler injection not only gives a person a fuller lip structure, but also helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles around the lips.

What is Lip Filler Injection – Lip Enhancement?

  • In order to make the lips look fuller, the lip enhancement procedure is performed. The lips can be made fuller by injecting a variety of materials. My personal approach to lip enhancement is to use a method that gives temporary results (ready-made/temporary lip fillers) first. Even if the patient does not like or adopt the new appearance of her lips, the result will be reversible since the filler will melt over time. On the other hand, if the patient likes the new appearance of her lips and wants it to be permanent, it will be possible to use a method that gives permanent results.
  • Ready-made fillers are injected or surgical procedures are performed for lip enhancement. Among the ready-made fillers, I prefer using hyaluronic acid derivatives. Their effects last for a period of 6 to 18 months, depending on the amount injected.
    • It can only be performed to define the lip contours.
    • If necessary, it can also be injected into the mucous part of the lip (the pink part).
    • In order to get a successful aesthetic result, the filler injection process should be performed by experienced specialists.
    • It should be performed under sterile conditions.
    • A little edema develops and it may last 3 to 7 days depending on the amount of the filler injected and physiological properties of the patient.
    • On the day of the injection, the lips should be kept clean, no massage should be performed, and the patient should lie using a high pillow or even in a semi-sitting position at night.
    • Cold can be applied to the lips provided that they are protected from dirt.
  • For permanent lip enhancement, fat or fat-skin strips taken from the body or synthetic materials are placed in this area under operating room conditions. Under local anesthesia, ready-made materials (Alloderm, Gore-tex, etc.) or tissue grafts taken from the body are placed into the lip.

lip thinning

Lip Reduction

It is performed to treat a condition called double lip deformity. The excess lip tissue is removed under local anesthesia.

How are Lip Fillers Injected?

The most common method used for this purpose is the use of ready-made and temporary fillers. Ready-made lip fillers supplied ready in injectors takes about 15 minutes to apply.  Before the procedure, local anesthetic gel and cold is applied to the lips. Afterwards, the temporary ready-made fillers in a special injector are applied to the intended area step by step, in a controlled manner. For this purpose, hyaluronic acid derivatives are most commonly used.

The application of products containing local anesthetic substances in addition to the filler supplied in the injector is much more painless and comfortable. The result of the application can be observed immediately at the end of the procedure. In the following hours, a little edema and swelling develop depending on the amount of the fillers injected and the technique used. Cold application and lying in a semi-sitting position at night will help reduce the edema. It may take a few days for the edema to subside and the final result to appear.

Is Lip Filler Injection Painful?

I use a product that contains a local anesthetic substance in addition to the filler. The application of such product is quite comfortable. In cases where a product without anesthetic is used, numbing the lip nerves will allow for a more painless application.

Points to take into Consideration When Performing the Lip Filler Injection Procedure

Before the lip filler injection, the physician and patient decide together on the amount of the filler to be injected. The criteria for beautiful or aesthetic lips vary from person to person. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about the lip type preference of the patient who wants lip enhancement. For this purpose, the patient can show the physician photos of his favorite lip types to give him an idea. During the process, it is necessary to avoid applications, which give extremely big volumes and push the limits.

How long does the effect of lip fillers last?

The duration of the effect varies depending on the structure, amount, and brand of the filler used. The effect of the most commonly used ready-made temporary lip fillers, which contain hyaloronic acid derivatives, lasts 1 year on average.

What Is the “French Lips” Technique?

The technique known as French lips is based on the principle of making some points of the upper lip more prominent and curved over the lower lip. In other words, some points have different thicknesses along the upper lip.

2024 Prices of Lip Filer Injection in Istanbul

The prices of lip filer injection vary depending on the type, brand, and required amount of the filler. You can contact our office to know the current lip filler injection price for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who Are Suitable Candidates For Lip Filler Injection?

This procedure can be performed on people over 18 years of age who have lips thinner than normal, and who have no physical or mental problems. Those with any chronic disease, who are receiving drug therapy or any other cures for any reason, should inform their physicians and learn whether they would be at risk if they have filler injection.

In order to prevent possible bleeding and bruises, it would be appropriate to stop having blood thinners such as herbal teas, drugs including vitamin pills, herbal teas, and nutritional supplements 15 days before the procedure.

Is There Any Age Limit for Lip Aesthetics?

It is necessary to wait for the Lips to complete their development. In general, I do not recommend it to those under 18 years of age.

How Can I Know If I Need Lip Filler Injection?

If you think the shape and fullness of your lips is a problem for you, if the volume of your lips is insufficient compared to other people around you or if your lips excessively droopy, you can consult the physician who will perform the filler injection or aesthetic surgery.

You should be informed of the possible risks and complications of the procedures. Your lips should be evaluated as a whole with the other elements of your face, and it should be revealed whether you can benefit from lip aesthetics or not. Bigger and fuller lips don’t necessarily mean more beautiful. The main aim is to achieve an aesthetic appearance in harmonious with your face.

Is Non-Surgical Lip Enhancement Possible?

To get information about surgical aesthetic procedures: https://www.cengizacikel.com/ameliyat-sonrasi-nelere-dikkat-etmeli

Does Lip Aesthetics Leave Scars?

Whether Lip Aesthetics leave scars depends on the procedure to be performed for the purpose of lip enhancement. The procedures performed with filler injections or by making small incisions in the mucous parts of the lips do not leave scars. On the other hand, the surgical procedures based on the removal of the lip skin such as lip lift, lip shortening or lip augmentation leave scars.

Does Lip Filler Injection Involve Any Risk?

Infection may develop if care is not taken to perform ready-made lip filler or fat injections under sterile conditions. Applying excessive amount of filler by exceeding the limits may disturb the blood circulation of the lips, and may also cause tissue losses and permanent damages.

The quality of the material injected into the lips is of great importance. Serious allergic and inflammatory reactions may be observed in consequence of the injection of inappropriate substances. In summary, a reliable physician with a certificate of expertise, a reliable hight quality filler, and a conscious patient who will strictly follow the physician’s recommendations are required for a safe lip filler injection.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that even if everything is performed properly, ready-made fillers may still cause some allergic reactions in 3 out of every 1,000 patients on average. People whose body is extremely allergic should inform their doctor about this.

Does Tissue Injection Have Any Harmful Effect on the Lip Area?

There is no risk if the fillers prepared from tissues harvested from the people’s own body are applied duly within the physiological limits. The most important advantage of injecting this type of fat grafts or other tissues is that it causes no undesirable events such as foreign body reaction or allergy observed after using ready-made fillers, and its effect lasts a bit longer.

Who Can Have Tissue Injection?

This procedure can be performed on people over 18 years of age who have no health problems.

What is Lip Lift Surgery?

It is a surgical procedure performed to shorten the upper lift (distance between the nose and the lip) by removing the excess skin and subcutaneous tissue along the junction of the upper lip with the nose.

The procedure is intended to obtain a younger, more aesthetic appearance by lifting (or rather shortening) the lip that completely covers the upper teeth like a curtain due to its structural properties or old age. Its results are permanent and cannot be reversed if the result is not liked, so it is important to use the right technique for suitable candidates. On the other hand, it sometimes leaves a noticeable scar on the incision lines at the nasal base.

What is the Importance of Teeth and Mouth Structure in Term of Lip Aesthetics?

The structure of the teeth under the lips and the structures of the lower and upper jaw bones carrying these teeth have direct effects on lip aesthetics. Whether the angles and dimensions of these structures are as required should be evaluated by an orthodontist, and the identified problems, if any, should be resolved first. Basically, it is not always possible to get a successful result by performing aesthetic procedures only on the lips of people with such problems.

What is the Most Effective Procedure for Lip Enhancement?

If the word “effective” here means having the augmenting effect, it is possible to instantly augment the lips with any filler. If the permanence of the lip enhancement procedure is questioned, it is possible to achieve more permanent results without the risk of allergy or tissue rejection by injecting fat tissues or using tissue grafts called “dermofat graft”. In my own practice, I do not use ready-made fillers and silicone layers alleging that they give permanent results.

Does Edema and Swelling Develop After Lift Filler Injection?

More or less edema and swelling develop after lip filler injection, and they then gradually subside within a few days. The extent of the swelling varies depending on the amount of the filler injected, whether massage has been performed, and which filling technique has been used.

For example, injecting fat tissues into the lip muscles to get more permanent result causes highly noticeable edema and swelling which may take weeks to subside. After lip filler Injection, lying in a semi-sitting position and applying cold application to the injection area are the primary measures taken to reduce possible edema and swelling.

Is There Any Permanent Lip Filler Injection Method?

Although some ready-made fillers or silicone plates with permanent effect (not absorbed by the body) are available, I don’t use such products in my own practice, as they can cause serious reactions or cannot keep up with the changes in the lips over time. On the other hand, tissue strips harvested from the patient’s own skin and subcutaneous adipose tissues, or adipose tissues alone are used for this purpose.

Is It Safe to Have Filler Injection During Pregnancy?

Taking into account the possible side effects, the possible side effects such as infection or allergic reactions, I personally do not recommend having lip filler injection during pregnancy.

How Many Months Does The Effect of Lip Fillers Last?

The permanence time of ready-made temporary lip fillers derived from hyaluronic acid, which are the most commonly used lip fillers, is 12 months on average. This time may slightly vary from person to person; and as the amount of filler increases, the permanence time increases as well.

Is Lip Filler Injection An Obstacle to Kissing?

There there will be no obstacle to kissing as soon as the edema and swelling that develops on the lips after the injection of the ready-made lip fillers subside. The time to wait for kissing is 7 days on average.

Is 1 ml Lip Filler Adequate?

The amount of lip filler that is considered adequate varies depending on the structure of the lip and the desired amount of fullness. I recommend you to have 1 ml injection first and see the result. If desired, an additional amount of filler can be injected a few weeks after the application. On the other hand, it is very difficult to remove the excess filler back. Therefore, I think it would be more appropriate to inject lip fillers gradually, both to avoid excessive swelling in the lips after the procedure and to avoid augmenting the lips more than desired.

How Long Does The Effect of Lip Fillers Last?

It varies depending on the type and amount of the filler injected. The effects of hyaluronic acid derivative fillers last for a period of 12 months on average.

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