The breast has an aesthetically and functionally special place in the human body. The breast may take an abnormal shape, and may become smaller or bigger than normal, sagging or asymmetric, as a congenital or acquired property due to many factors such as pregnancy, weight gain and loss, aging, medicine or drug use, hormonal changes, breast disease etc. or as completely developmental and due to unknown reasons. Likewise, similar problems can also be seen in the nipple.

The Purpose of Mammoplasty;

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Mammoplasty is intended to give the breast a size and shape considered to be “normal” or “aesthetic”. For this purpose, in sagging breasts, the nipple’s shape and elevation from the trunk are changed, the excess skin is removed, and then the breast is reshaped. Sometimes, the breast is reshaped and augmented with silicone implants at in the same session.

In appropriate cases, big breasts can be reduced liposuction alone; and in most cases, the breast is both reduced and reshaped by removing the excess skin and breast tissue.

Silicone breast implants (prostheses) are still the gold standard in augmentation of less developed breasts.

And asymmetries arising as a result of underdevelopment of breast tissue, like in tubular (tuberous) breast cases, are treated using similar methods.

Gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men) negatively affecting the quality of lives of men can be corrected with liposuction alone, or liposuction in conjunction with a procedure that involves the removal of a certain amount of skin and breast tissue.

And deformities arisen as a result of surgical removal of breast tumor can be treated successfully with various procedures such as tissue transplantation from the patient’s own body, balloon method, the use of implants, and fat injection.

When doing a breast aesthetic surgery, the surgeon should deliver the utmost care to the protection of the breast’s functions such as sexual stimulation and breastfeeding.


Breast Augmentation

Meme BüyütmeBreast Augmentation is the procedure that involves the enlargement of a small-sized breast by placing a silicone implant into the pouch formed under the breast tissue. If the breast is small but has a significantly sagging nipple and breast skin, a breast augmentation surgery is performed in combination with breast lift operation (mastopexy). >>

Breast Reduction

Meme KüçültmeBreast Reduction; A breast that has reached sizes greater than normal, and has consequently sagged due to various reasons (makromastia, gigantomastia, breast hypertrophy), may adversely affect the body perception and self-confidence, and lead to serious psychological problems >>

Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

Meme DikleştirmeThe connective tissues that connect the breast tissue to the anterior thoracic wall get loose, and commonly this is accompanied by a reduction in the volume of the breast. >>

Nipple Surgery

Meme Ucu EstetiğiThere is a thin layer of muscle under skin of the pink-brownish circular area (areola) around the nipple, to where the milk ducts have an opening. The muscles contract and the nipple gets stretched out and becomes prominent in reaction to various stimuli (erotic, cold, stress, fear, touch, etc.). >>

Asymmetric Breast

Asimetrik MemeIt is defined as two breasts different from each other in terms of their shapes and volumes. Unobtrusive mild inequalities between the two breasts are common both in men and women. >>


jinekomastiGynaecomastia Surgery: The term gynecomastia, derived from the Greek words gynec (feminine) and mastos (breast), refers to the excessive growth of male breast tissue caused by any reason. >>

Tubular or Tuberous Deformity

Tuberöz veya Tubuler Meme DeformitesiIt is a deformity, in which breasts look deformed in a tubular and asymmetric form, especially due to underdevelopment of breast tissue and skin below the nipple. >>

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