Nasal Rasping Surgery


Nasal rasping that has recently been widespread among rhinoplasty operations is performed when there is a nasal hump (even if just a bit). Nasal rasping is intended for obtaining a more natural-looking nose that is more proportional when viewed from the front, and has a more even nasal ridge when viewed from the side. The plastic surgeon needs to determine whether the patient has a nose suitable for nasal rasping operation that is preferred as a procedure simpler than other rhinoplasty operations..

Nasal rasping operation can be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on to the state of the nose.  In cases where the nasal hum is big, nasal rasping may not be enough alone. In such cases, the patient choses tip rhinoplasty or another procedure among other rhinoplasty procedures suitable for his/her nose, in line with the plastic surgeon’s opinions, and then the treatment process is continued. And in cases where nasal rasping alone is adequate, any additional surgery is not needed, and the desired appearance is given to the nose.

A crooked nose does not only affect the aesthetic appearance of an individual but also leads to psychologically unfavorable conditions. Elimination of inconveniences, which may emerge in the social life, by means of rhinoplasty operations performed by specialist physicians is a part of postoperative healing process. The price of a nasal rasping operation is calculated based on the result of the medical examination of the surgery candidate, performed by a physician who is a specialist in his/her field. A medical examination performed thoroughly before the treatment is considered to be the primary condition for this operation.

Nasal rasping can be performed due to a nasal hump, i.e. the patient’s inability to breathe comfortably. With nasal rasping, it is possible to enable a patient to get rid of his/her nasal hump, and consequently, breath more comfortably and healthfully.

Nasal rasping prices are determined based on the result of medical examinations performed by specialist physicians. For Istanbul nasal rasping examination, you can fill out the form or contact us at our phone number.

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