Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon


Rhinoplasty, a form of cosmetic surgery that can be called by various names such nasal rasping, tip rhinoplasty, nasal hump removal surgery, nasal septum deviation surgery, and concha bullosa surgery, is performed with intent to make the appearance of the nose as well as its aesthetic size harmonious with the face; and also treat the breathing problems. >>


Mammoplasty performed to eliminate deformities in the breast caused by various factors such as pregnancy, excessive weight gain and loss, aging or breast diseases includes a variety of breast reshaping procedures such as silicone surgery, breast lift, breast reduction, and  breast augmentation. >>

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is performed to make the breasts larger and proportionate to the body, in cases where they have remained small in comparison with body sizes due to any reason. Silicone breast surgery is the most common procedure performed for breast augmentation>>

Breast Reduction

With breast reduction surgery, breasts that have grown more than normal and sagged due to various causes can be reduced and reshaped to achieve a more aesthetic appearance. Breast reduction surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that effectively solves psychological and physical health problems caused by big breasts, and produces extremely beatific results. >>

Facial Plasty

Facial Plasty that covers procedures such as facial rejuvenation, face lift, neck lift, eyelid reduction, eyebrow lift, facial filling and wrinkle removal is intended to make all the constituent structures of the face harmonious with each other, for providing the individual with a younger, more beautiful and dynamic face. >>

Body Contouring

Various surgeries such as lipoplasty, tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, arm lift, hip reshaping and pubic lift can be performed alone or in combination with each other, with intent to eliminate structural deformations that occur in many parts of the body due to structural and environmental factors. >>

Non-surgical Procedures

Non-surgical procedures utilized for facial rejuvenation include procedures that can be performed in office environments, such as facial filling, and laser. It should be kept in mind that although such procedures are not a surgery, they may lead to serious health problems when performed by individuals, who are not expert in their fields. >>


Liposuction, a cosmetic procedure that means removal of excess fat deposits under the skin is very popular among cosmetic surgeries. The fat removal procedure, which should not be considered as a procedure intended for weight loss, is performed for ensuring the body fat ratio to reach its ideal level. Local fat removal surgery includes; fat removal from the arm, neck, leg, and abdomen. >>


Tummy tuck surgery is aimed at the elimination of abdominal sagging that has occurred due to any reason. Tummy tuck surgery eliminates skin sagging that occurred after the completion of a weight-loss process of the individual. It should not be confused with liposuction. >>

Self-Harm Scar Removal

Razor blade incision scars are treated with the Laser-Aided Skin Peeling and Thin Skin Patch Technique developed by Prof. Dr. Cengiz Açikel et al. Self-harm (self-inflicted) scars, in the body, which are prominently visible, are removed in the course of time, in order to give a more natural appearance to the individual in his/her social life. Self-harm scar removal considered for enabling the individual to get rid of the necessity of hiding his/her scars. >>


When the male breast looks big in comparison with the rest of the body due to any reason, it is called gynecomastia in medicine. Gynecomastia, an abnormality that may occur at any age, is eliminated by professionals who perform male mammoplasty to turn breasts is into normal and healthy breasts. >>

Lip Enhancement

The lips are the most attractive part of the face. Aesthetically ideal lip structure is a phenomenon that must be determined by the patient in consultation with her doctor. Lip enhancement is a procedure performed to make fleshier the thin lip structure of the individual. >>

Prominent Ear Correction

The appearance of prominent ear, usually caused by congenital deformities, is eliminated by accessing through an incision made behind the ear, and then reshaping the cartilage. Prominent ear surgery that can be performed with no need to wait until the age of 18, contrary to public opinion, is the optimum procedure for ear reduction. >>


Eyelids having a highly significant task in the face are affected in the course of time and get a different appearance in consequence of some facts such as wrinkles, under-eye bags, sagging and swelling. These facts that cause the individual to look older are aimed to be ended with an eyelid reduction surgery. Eyelid reduction surgery enables the individual to look livelier and younger. >>

Nasal Rasping

Nasal Rasping  is a procedure having a place within the concept of rhinoplasty, which is performed on the nose that looks bigger in comparison with the face of the individual, in order to make it smaller and proportionate to the face. With nasal rasping, a more aesthetic appearance is given to the patient, without impairing her/his health functions. >>

Nasal Septum Deviation

Breathing is a requirement, not a luxury. The cartilage structure in the nose may lead to a difficulty in breathing, due to any reason. Nasal septum surgery performed on people with nose bump, to relieve them of the deviation problem, is one of the types of rhinoplasty. By means of the surgery, nasal septum deviation  is eliminated, and a more natural appearance is given to the individual. >>

Malar Augmentation

Two cheekbones on the face add a nice triangle appearance to it. With aging, slackness in this area begins to cause this triangle appearance to turn into a rectangular appearance; and consequently, leads the individual to look older. With malar augmentation, such slackness is eliminated, and the individual is enabled to look more natural and younger. Malar augmentation is one of facial plasty procedures. >>

After Rhinoplasty

In consequence of rhinoplasty, the desired appearance begins to show itself in the course of time. Therefore, patients should never get anxious about their initial appearance in the mirror after rhinoplasty. When all controls are established, the nose gains the desired appearance as the swellings get better gradually. >>