Scar Treatment Options

Doing Nothing:  

Currently, it is not possible to completely remove a scar or give the person an appearance looked as though he/she has not been injured. Sometimes, scars get worse when they are attempted to be corrected. Therefore, it is important not to follow all recommendations, and to pay attention to the recommendations of experienced plastic surgeons.

Complete Removing and Resuturing the Scar:

The scar is completely removed from its intact sides, and then is resuture by using a better surgical technique and better suture material.

Removing and Resuturing the Scar along a Zig-Zag Line:

It is a method commonly used with intent to change the direction of the wound and to make it less noticeable.

Tissue Expansion with Balloon Method: 

A tissue expander balloon is surgically placed under the intact skin that is adjacent to the wound. The tissue expander is initially empty. A few weeks later, the balloon is inflated with saline water injections applied into the balloon. The skin begins to expand together with the inflated balloon. After a couple of months, when an adequate tissue expansion is achieved, the wound area is removed with a second operation, and the neighboring expanded normal skin is taken to this area to cover the scar area.

Laser applications: 

It can be used for the elimination of redness in the face as well as for the debrasion of the irregularities on the wound in the late period.

Debrasion and Closure with Thin Skin Patch: 

It is a method used in the removal of scars involving significant color differences, such as burn scars covering large areas, and self-inflicted razor blade incision scars. First, the surface of the skin is subjected to dermabrasion, and then thin skin parts are taken from the thigh are transferred to this area; and as a result, a surface more compatible with the normal tissue is obtained.