Pubic Lift


Pubic Lift

Especially sagging in the inner legs, more precisely in the inner thighs that appear with aging or after excessive weight loss can be annoying. Since the skin of this region is looser, sagging occurs more easily compared to the other parts of the body.

The excess skin of the inner thigh is removed by making incisions beside the external genital organs in the pubic region, where the legs join with the body and the inner side of the thigh is pulled upwards and sutured; and by this way, a kind of thigh lift procedure is done. Since surgical scars left by this procedure remains in the bikini area, they are easy to hide.

Pubic Lift is a process that should be carried out technically in a very professional way. Because the surgical region is damp and moving, the possibility of postoperative complications is greater, in comparison with many other plastic surgeries.

The amount of skin to be removed from the groin should be adjusted very well because a dehiscence may occur in the surgical site, and its closure may take weeks.

Locations of the sutures applied during the lifting process are of great importance. An opening may occur in the external genital organs due to improper suture or excessive lifting.

The patient should rest and avoid walking long ways and climbing stair in the postoperative period. The surgical site should be kept very clean.

In some cases where the thigh skin is too loose, just pulling the inner side of the thigh may not be a sufficient solution. Removal of skin from the inner side of the thigh, in such a way as to reduce the area around the thigh, may be required. In such a case, the operation leaves a surgical scar extending downwards from the inner side of the thigh in the groin region. Mostly this surgery is done in combination with liposuction, and them the patient needs to use a special corset for a period of 4-6 weeks after the surgery.

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