Prominent Ear Correction – Otoplasty


Prominent Ear Surgery

There are many congenital deformities of the pinna. The most common one of them is the condition called ‘prominent ear’, in which the ears are seen at the sides much than normal when viewed from the front.

Age for Prominent Ear Surgery

In our country, many children with prominent ear problem wait until 18 years of age for being operated.  However, unlike many other aesthetic surgeries, there is no need to wait until 18 years of age for prominent ear correction surgery.
The pinna is an organ growing relatively faster than the other parts of the body. 85% of its development is completed in a child of 3 years, and 93% in a child of 10 year. Therefore, the age factor is not the main determinant in timing the surgery; so, the child be operate at very early ages. Studies have revealed that even surgeries done at about 3-4 years of age have not caused any problems in the following periods. Attracting the attention of friends and becoming an object of derision in kindergarten and preschool periods when a child begin to come together with other children, and then in subsequent school periods, may cause the child to suffer serious psychological problems and distortion of body image.