Plastic Surgery after Dramatic Weight Loss

weight-lossPlastic Surgery after Dramatic Weight Loss (Post-Bariatric Surgery)

  • The skin got loose after excessive weight loss achieved with the help of bariatric surgeries such as gastric band surgery and gastric balloon surgery, or with diets and exercises, may not recover itself sufficiently, and sagging may occur in a variety of regions. Problems such as dermatophyte and intertrigo that develop under the sagging skin affect the quality of life. Important problems are experienced in wearing appropriate clothing.
  • Similar skin sagging conditions may develop as a result of losing the extra weight gained during the pregnancy.
  • It is important to maintain the last weight for a period of at least one year, in a weight loss processes after surgery and pregnancy. If the weight that has been lost is regained and too many weight gain/loss periods are experienced, surgery is not recommended.
  • After dramatic weight loss, sagging develops to various extents in the face, neck, breast, arms, abdomen, hips and thighs.
  • FACE AND NECK REGION:  Depending on the extent of the sagging, classic face lift and neck lift or mini face lift procedures are carried out.
  • BREASTS: Sagging breasts are corrected with breast lift surgery – also called mastopexy.  Since mostly fat contents of the breasts are also reduced, it is required to support the sagging breasts in terms of volume, with breast implants during the same session when the sagging breasts are surgically lifted.
  • ABDOMINAL REGION: It is reshaped with Abdominoplasty. Mostly abdominoplasty and hip lift procedures are carried out in combination, with intent to correct the sagging hips and thighs. In the circumferential body lift procedure, sagging abdomen, waist, hip, and thigh are fully corrected.
  • ARMS: Sagging arms are corrected with arm lift surgery that leaves scars on the inner side of the arm, and in the armpit.
  • HIP-HIPLINE: The hips lose volume, get flatten, and sag as a result of excessive weight loss. In cases of sagging in the hip and hipline area, the skin is pulled upwards all around, like pulling up pants, and then the excess parts are removed. During this process, the excess part of the hip is added to the inner part of the hip for enabling it to look better-rounded, rather than removal and disposal of the excess parts.
  • THE THIGHS: Sagging in the inner sides of the thighs is noticeable, and they are eliminated with thigh lift surgery. Surgical scars are hidden in the pubic region.
  • These surgeries are classified in groups according to the degree of sagging and the order of importance, and are corrected in one or two sessions.
  • Despite excessive weight loss, regional fat excess may remain in some regions, such as the hipline, the inner face of the thighs and the abdomen. Such excess amounts are removed through liposuction.