Nostril Reduction

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Nostrils and nasal wings are important details for the existence of a nice-looking nose. The appearance of a natural nose that is the basis of natural rhinoplasty can be provided by ensuring the nostrils to look natural, as well.

Te normal appearance of the nostril is considered to be oval. The shape and width of the nostrils and the ratio of the nasal tip to other sections affect the aesthetic result. Eliminating the excess size of the nasal wings and reducing the nostrils constitute the basic steps of the surgery, especially the ones intended for nasal tip reduction.

Nostril reduction surgery, preferred by patients with big nostrils, can be done during rhinoplasty or in a separate surgery. In cases where a nostril reduction surgery alone is adequate, an additional rhinoplasty is not required. The decision on this issue is made during a detailed preoperative examination.

Nostril is aesthetically important but is also important in terms of health, to the same extent. Nostril supporting the breathing function is defined to be the gateway, through which breath enters the nose. In cases where an adequate cartilage support is not available in the nasal wings, the nasal wings close up due to the negative pressure generated when the person inhales, and then breathing through the nose becomes difficult. In such a case, the nasal wings need to be supported by cartilages. On the other hand, removing an excessive amount of cartilages from the nasal wings and weakening the cartilage support with intent to make the nasal tip look more elegant is one of the common mistakes.

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