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Inverted Nipple, Inverted Papilla, Invaginated Nipple


Nipple Aesthetics

There is a thin layer of muscle under skin of the pink-brownish circular area (areola) around the nipple, to where the milk ducts have an opening. The muscles contract and the nipples get stretched out and become prominent in reaction to various stimuli (erotic, cold, stress, fear, touch, etc.).

The nipple may be inverted due to short milk ducts or wide muscle around the nipple.
The nipple may also be inverted at various levels due to some other factors such as breastfeeding, breast trauma, breast sagging, excessive weight loss, breast cancer, infectious and inflammatory diseases of the breast tissue and genetic factors.

Inverted nipple may be at 3 different levels:

  • Mild: The nipple gets stretched out when the areola is pressed.
  • Moderate: The nipple gets stretched out more difficultly, and gets inverted again quickly.
  • Advanced: The nipple does not get stretched out even with manipulation, and is always inverted.

In its treatment, different techniques are used under local anesthesia. It is based on liberating the nipple by cutting the milk ducts and the connective tissues, which pull the nipple inwards. The problem may recur. Therefore, different tissues can be placed under the nipple after it gets stretched out, as a precaution.

Procedures that involve cutting the milk ducts are not recommended in patients who plan breastfeeding.

In mild and moderate cases, the nipple can be enabled to get stretched out, just by means of sutures and without cutting the milk ducts.

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