New Appearance after Rhinoplasty

The most important difference of rhinoplasty from the other plastic surgery procedures is the fact that its result does not appear immediately. After rhinoplasty, a relatively annoying process is experienced due to swellings in the face, in addition to inadequate nasal respiration.

When the tapes and splint is removed from the nose, the nose is far from its final appearance. At first glance, it can be seen that the obvious problems in the nose have been solved, but the nose is still swollen in general. It should be remembered that the appearance encountered when looking in the mirror for the first time is not the final appearance of the nose. During this period, it would not be favorable to frequently examine the nose, take photos, and try to gain insight about the result by carrying out millimetric measurements.

Intranasal tissues return to normal within about 6 weeks; however, emergence of the details and appearance of the final shape of the nose takes 6-12 months. Especially within the first 3 months, the swelling in the nasal skin gradually goes down, the stiffness on the nasal tip begins to get soften, and the nasal tip itself begins to get thinner. The nose-forehead angle and the nose-lip angle return to normal.

In the first months after rhinoplasty, different reactions and criticisms could be made especially by the people from immediate surroundings, who are accustomed to the former appearance; so, the patient should be psychologically ready for all these, and should wait for the final result with patience.