Nasal Hump Removal

humpNasal hump removal, a surgery performed for enabling people with nasal hump to get rid of that uncomfortable situation, is intended for removing the excessive things from the nose to give a more natural appearance to the person. In people with excessive nasal hum, the nose looks as if it sags downward; whereas in people with low nasal ridge, the nose looks more horizontal. This situation that can affect the social life of the person as well as his/her psychology is tried to be eliminated with nasal hump removal, one of the types of rhinoplasty.

How is a Nasal Hump Removal Done?

In the examination performed by the specialist physician, the cartilage and nose structure of person are determined up to their finest lines. After this stage, if the person has an excessive nasal hump, the cartilages are tried to be reduced by a rasping process. And in cases where the person’s nasal ridge is lower than normal, cartilages taken from other parts of the body are added to the nose structure.

Nasal hump removal applied for also reduction rhinoplasty is intended for giving the person a smaller nose that is more proportional to the face. During this surgery, it should be ensured that the nose will not loss its naturalness, and the nasal tip lifting will not be lifted excessively.

Nasal hump removal is an operation that takes averagely 2 hours. Arched nose surgery is an average of 2 hours operation. The patient is discharged the next day after rhinoplasty. The patient is advised to keep his/her head high when lying, for a period of two week after surgery. This is an act that will protect the possible postoperative bleeding, pain, and bruising. However, despite all these precautions, bruising and swelling may occur in the nose. This is quite normal, and is considered to be a part of the healing process. 7 days after surgery, all the materials are removed from the nose, and then the person can turn to his/her social life. In the following processes, is essential for the patient to visit the doctor for the controls at the pre-determined dates.

Price of Nasal Hump Removal

For Nasal rasping price i.e. nasal hump removal price, the surgery candidate need to be examined by the specialist physician. Since everybody has a different nose structure, the severity of the required reduction rhinoplasty varies from person to person.

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