Mini Face Lift


Mini Face Lift

Face Lift with MACS Lift Technique

In middle-aged patients, who have not too much sagging, it is possible to do face lift operations in shorter time and with incisions smaller than that in classical face lift operations.

Face Lift with MACS Lift Technique

The signs of aging become noticeable in the faces of middle-aged people, due to the factors such as time, gravity, smoking, and stress. The major complaints include sagging eyebrows, bag formation the in upper and lower eyelids, downward slide of the fat pads on the cheekbones, deepening of the grooves at the sides of the nose and mouth, sagging in the sides of the chin, and regional fat accumulation and sagging in the chin and neck area. Face lift surgery plays a key role in solving all these problems, and aesthetic interventions such as eyebrow lift, correction of eye bags, and facial fat injection can be combined.

MACS lift procedure that stands for ‘Minimal Access, Cranial Suspension’ is a process that involves accessing, through shorter incisions, the soft facial tissues that have displaced downwardly, in order to lift and hang them in their required location with sutures.

  • An incision of 5-7 cm is made, which extends from the earlobe towards the scalp, and is hidden inside the ear.
  • This incision can easily be hidden with a certain type of hair cut in the early postoperative period. Most of scars do not be noticeable in the late period as well because they remain in the ear or hair.
    The facial skin is lifted only in a limited area, and because facial nerves are located in the deeper places, they are not encountered, and therefore, there is a very low risk of facial nerve injury.
  • The facial fat pads and soft tissues, which have been displaced downwards under the skin, are lifted and positioned in the place where they should be, and then they are fixed there by means of sutures.
  • The lifted facial skin is not pulled laterally as in the classical methods; instead, it is pulled upwards and a very small part of skin is removed. Therefore, more natural results are achieved.
  • During the same session, the fats in the chin and neck areas are removed with liposuction. Moderate sagging in the neck skin are eliminated through suspension sutures, and the neck gains a younger appearance.
  • With the MACS lift technique, the sagging in the cheekbones can be corrected, the grooves on the side of the nose are reduced,   are gathered together, the sagging in the cheek and the lower jaw are eliminated, and the neck gets younger.
  • Surgery that takes 2.5 hours on the average can be done under local anesthesia, i.v. sedation, and also under general anesthesia, in combination with procedures such as eyebrow lift, removal of eye bags, and facial fat injection.

To whom is the MACS Lift Procedure Applied?

  • This technique is usually preferred in middle-aged patients who have no excessive sagging and loosening.
  • For having a face lift surgery, there is no need to wait until 60s, when the face shows advanced sagging signs.

Advantages of Mini Face Lift Surgery Done at Early Ages

The primary advantages of the recovery of facial sagging and signs of aging in an earlier period (40-50 years of age), before they reach a more advanced level, are as follows:

  • The existing problems can be solved with the mini face lift technique that “takes a shorter period of time” and “leaves less noticeable scar”.
  • It causes very limited postoperative swelling and bruising, and a shorter recovery period compared to the classical face lift procedure.
  • As the patient is at a younger age, the wound healing and the recovery of patient are easier.
  • The rejuvenation in the face, obtained after the surgery, is taken more naturally by the patient’s social surroundings.
  • This method does not change the patient’s facial features, and just gives a more youthful appearance to him/her.
  • Those who have a face lift operation at earlier ages enjoy the comfort of having a younger and more dynamic facial appearance in their business and social lives, where they are still active.

Does Having a Face Lift Surgery Obstruct Having a Second Surgery Later?

Having a face lift surgery does not obstruct having a second surgery later. A person operated in his/her 40-50s can have a face lift surgery in his/her 60s if he/she desires.

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