Male Rhinoplasty

In recent years, male rhinoplasty has been one of the most popular surgeries.. People taking care of their appearance, who are uncomfortable with their nasal structure prefer having Male Rhinoplasty.

Both breathing problems and aesthetic problems are solved at the same time by means of this operation performed on men, who have deformities in their noses as well as difficulties in breathing.

The most important point in male rhinoplasty is it to protect the masculine aesthetic appearance of the individual. Tip rhinoplasty, an operation commonly performed on women, is not applicable for men. In man, the nose-lip angle should not exceed 90 degrees. Otherwise, the nose structure becomes more feminine.

Before rhinoplasty, the patient and the specialist physician should get together to carry out a study on determining the nose shape that is the most suitable for the patient’s face. At that stage, male rhinoplasty images and photos can be observed, and opinions about the ideal nasal structure can be expressed. The mentioned stage is very important, in terms of avoiding unexpected differences after the surgery.

Male rhinoplasty prices vary from person to person. Since every man has a different nose and face structure, there are different difficulty levels and different pricing procedures for surgeries. The surgery price is determined after the examination.

Healing Process after Male Rhinoplasty

The fact that men have a thicker and oilier skin, may affect the postoperative healing process. Therefore, taking down the swelling that may occur after rhinoplasty may take a little bit longer time, compared to the normalization time in women.

For male rhinoplasty, you can get examined by contacting Prof. Cengiz Açıkel.

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