Lip Enhancement

lip enhancement

The procedure that makes the lips—which have a congenitally small volume or lost their fullness after being defeated by time—proportional to the face and brings them in a more vivid appearance is called lip enhancement (lip filling). Lip enhancement gives a fuller lip structure to the person, and also eliminates the fine lines and wrinkles around the lips.

How to Carry Out the Lip Enhancement Procedure?

Lip filling, the most common options for lip enhancement, is carried out with a procedure that takes about 15 minutes. The lip enhancement procedure is carried out by injecting hyaluronic acid into the area (commonly preferred), to where temporary ready-to-use lip filler is wanted to be applied, and the result becomes apparent immediately at the end of the application. A special gel intended for numbing the lips is applied before injecting hyaluronic acid into the lip area. This is made to ensure that the person will not feel any pain. If the appearance obtained with the temporary ready-to-use lip filler is liked, the doctor can begin to carry out a permanent lip enhancement procedure.

In lip thickening procedure carried out under local anesthesia, alloderm, or goretex or filler taken from the body are placed under the pink part of the lips.

Points to take into Consideration When Carrying Out the Lip Enhancement Procedure

Prior to lip enhancement, the doctor and patient decide together on the intensity of the filling process. At this stage, it is aimed at enabling the person to gain a lip aesthetic, naturalness of which can be noticed by only specialists. In other words, no compromises should be made in naturalness when carrying out the lip enhancement procedure. The lips should definitely not be thickened excessively.

How long does the effect of lip enhancement last?

The effect of a lip filling procedure, carried out under normal conditions in a healthy way, lasts about 6-8 months, depending on the quality of the injected filling material. The lip structure that will gradually loss its thickness later on will definitely not have an appearance worse than the previous one. The person can have the lip enhancement procedure repeated at the end of this period, if she wants.

What is the Price of Lip Enhancement?

The price of temporary ready-to-use lip filler application is determined based on the result of the examination of the patient. The fact that each patient has a different structure causes a varying amount of filler. This situation causes also a variety of prices for the lip enhancement procedure.

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Recently, French lip augmentation is mentioned too much by patients, who want to have fuller lips. French lip augmentation that makes the lower and upper lips fuller compared to normal filling process is carried out by adding more filler to different part of the lip.

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