Hip Reshaping – Gluteoplasty

hipWith a variety of procedures, it is possible to give a more aesthetic appearance to hips, which are smaller or larger than normal, drooping or unproportional.

For this purpose, some procedures such as hip lift, silicone implant, liposuction, and lipofilling are used. The method to be selected varies depending on the type of the deformation.

With aging and after excessive weight-loss the hip to sags and loses its fullness. The sagging skin is lifted by means of hip lift or hip reshaping (gluteal lift) surgery. The excess skin is removed or used for giving volume to the hip.

Hip-buttock implants are used to give a fuller appearance to small hips, which have no excess skin. When silicone implants in the right volume and shape are placed with the right technique, beatific results are achieved.

Hip augmentation procedure can be carried out with fat injection in cases that require less volume. While sometimes it is required to remove fat from excess parts of the hip and buttocks, sometimes fat filling is done with intent to correct collapses greater than normal at the sides of the hips; and consequently, a more round gluteal appearance is obtained.

Buttock Reshaping (Gluteoplasty)

There may be shrinkages of different degrees on the hip skin. Shrinkages under the hip are liberated with incisions, and then the hip is reshaped with fat injections.

The scar of silicone implant surgery is hidden in the fold between the two hips.

Since the excess skin is removed in hip lift surgery, horizontal scars occur in the area where the hips join with the waist. Such scars can easily be hidden with underwear.

Noticeable scars do not remain in liposuction and lipofilling procedures.

Hip lift procedures carried out with the help of sutures are known to be nondurable.

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