Fat Injection (Lipofilling)


Fat Injection (Lipofilling)

Fat injection – Fat filling– Lipofilling

It is the process that involves taking fat cells from a region of the body such as the abdomen or hips, through special cannulae with a thickness of 2 mm, and then injecting the same fat into another region of the same person through special syringes of cannulae again. It is most commonly used to give fullness and volume to the region where it is applied.

In an aging face, there is a loss of subcutaneous adipose tissue and a global decrease of volume. Therefore, it is applied to the sides of the nose, mouth edges, cheekbones, cheeks, forehead and chin in particular. It is also used for lip enhancement.

Fat injection is also successfully applied to some other parts of the body, which require filling, such as the leg, hip, trunk, and breast.

The postoperative collapses after liposuction operation, caused by excessive fat removal, can be recovered with lipofilling as well.

Since the filling material is the patient’s own cells, no allergic reaction is observed.

Cells beginning to live in the area, where lipofilling has been applied, are permanent for life.

Fat cells are also a source of stem cells. Besides its filling effect, fat injection has also effects of increasing the blood circulation, simulating the cellular activities, and contributing to wound healing.

Lipofilling procedure is carried out under completely sterile conditions in an operation room.

Local or general anesthesia is administered, depending on the scale of the operation.

It can be done in the same session together with other plastic surgeries.

Pain and bruising may develop in the region, from where fat has been removed, and they may last for a couple of days.

An edema develops and lasts for 3-5 days in the region where fat injection has been done.

Approximately 40-60% of the injected fat is absorbed by the body.  Therefore, fat is injected more than needed, and in the first days, the filling region looks more swollen than normal. First, the edema caused by the procedure recovers in the following days. Afterwards, a decrease occurs in the volume, as a result of the removal of the dead cells absorbed by the body. In other words, the exact appearance of the fat injected area emerges after at least 4 weeks, and its appearance after 3 months remains unchanged.

If necessary, fat injection can be repeated 3-6 months after the first operation.

If more than 3-5 ml filling material is required for the face, and if the filling procedure is desired to be permanent, I apply fat injection, as my personal preference, rather than using ready-to-use filling materials and permanent fillers.

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