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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Aging Process, and Its Symptoms

In the course of time, many changes towards aging occur in the facial skin, subcutaneous fatty tissue, facial expression muscles, fat pads, ligaments that connect the facial skin to deeper tissues and each of bone tissues, with the effect of environmental factors such as genetic, gravity, smoking, alcohol, make-up, irregular lifestyle, diseases, etc. Facial skin loses its homogeneous color and becomes rougher and harder, and blemishes occur on it. Skin color gets pale and dull. Facial skin gets thinner, its elasticity diminishes, and slackness, fine wrinkles as well as vascularity begin to develop on it. Wrinkles on the forehead, between the two eyebrows, and on the eye contours become prominent. Eyebrows get dislocated downwards. The forehead becomes wider than the required size. The falling down of the eyebrows causes the person to look tired and sad. Eye bags become more prominent. The full appearance of the cheekbones is lost, and grooves extending from the nose to the corner of the mouth become noticeable.  Cavities develop under the eyes. The tip of the nose sags.  Wrinkles on the lips become noticeable. Lips get thinner and sag.  Upper teeth are seen in young people, but with the increasing age, the upper lips completely cover the teeth and only the lower teeth begin to be seen. The corners of the mouth sag and lead to a pessimistic expression. Grooves extending downwards from the corners of the mouth become noticeable. Sagging and bag formations begin to draw attention on the both sides of the tip of the lower jaw. Sagging and wrinkles in the neck skin become noticeable.

Facial aging is three-dimensional.

There are loss of fatty tissue under the skin and even loss of bone tissue, in addition to excess skin and dislocation of the tissues under the skin.


Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

As understood from the causes and symptoms mentioned above, different changes occur in each layer from the surface to the depth in an old face, and different signs of aging are seen in different areas of the face. Unfortunately, there is no magical formula that can solve all these aging symptoms. The desired result is tried to be achieved by with the combined use of many surgical and non-surgical procedures intended for facial rejuvenation. The patient and doctor should decide together on what procedure must be carried out on what face. When making this decision, many factors such as the expectations of the persons, his approach to surgery and other procedures, experience and preferences of the plastic surgeon, discomfort to be suffered by the patient, the possible risks and costs of the procedure are all assessed together.

Different procedures for skin rejuvenation are carried out for the elimination of the signs of aging on the facial skin itself. Filling is commonly used for the elimination of deep wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. Deep grooves under the eyes and around the mouth are made less noticeable by the filling procedures. If there is a significant loss of volume especially on the cheekbones and the cheek area of the face, filling procedures such as fat injection are carried out. The excessive width of the forehead and the sagging in the eyebrows are eliminated through forehead lift and eyebrow lift surgeries. Especially sagging in the outer parts of the eyebrows leads to increases in the wrinkles around the eyes and bag formations in the upper eyelid; and therefore, eyebrow lift procedure is also carried out in the interventions made in these areas. Bag formations in the upper and lower eye lids are eliminated with cosmetic eyelid surgery called ‘blepharoplasty’. The sagging in the cheek that extends downwards from the cheekbones is eliminated with the mid-face lift procedure. The sagging in the skin and soft tissues on the face and the neck are eliminated with mini-face lift, full-face lift, and neck lift procedures. Lip and its surrounding area are among the areas where the signs of aging are noticeable the most. In this area, methods such as skin rejuvenation, lip enhancement, and lip lift are used in combination.

Nonsurgical facial rejuvenation

Filling and skin rejuvenation procedures are most commonly applied for non-surgical facial rejuvenation. In general, fat injection into the face, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and brow lift procedures are the most commonly performed operations intended for facial rejuvenation. In less advanced cases, mini face lift techniques are used, which leave shorter scars compared to scars left by the classical face-lifting procedures. However, in advanced cases, brow lift, blepharoplasty, fat injection into the face, face lit, and neck lift operations are done alone or in the same sessions.

Which method is required for which face and in what sequence they should be used are determined in consequence of the consultation between the plastic surgeon and the patient.

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