Facial Plasty


Facial Plasty

Aesthetic applications in the facial area, where millimetric changes affect the result, require an extremely professional approach.

Facial Plasty is intended to obtain a younger, dynamic and beautiful face, while protecting the natural appearance and ensuring that all the structures constituting the face are harmonious with each other. For this purpose, besides certain nonsurgical procedures such as filling, laser etc., also some facial aesthetic operations devoted to deformations in the forehead, eyebrows, eyelids, nose, lips, cheekbones, cheeks, chin, neck, and ears are performed.

In facial plasty, mostly it is possible to get more effective results by intervening in more than one area of the face at the same time.

Facial Rejuvenation

Yüz GençleştirmeIn the course of time, many changes towards aging occur in the facial skin, subcutaneous adipose tissue, facial expression muscles, fat pads, ligaments that connect the facial skin to deeper tissues and each of bone tissues, with the effect of environmental factors such as genetic, gravity, smoking, alcohol, make-up, irregular lifestyle, diseases, etc. >>

Face Lift

Yüz GermeFace lift is one of the surgeries intended for elimination of the facial aging symptoms. It is performed especially for eliminating the sagging in the cheeks and chin sides as well as in the neck. >>

Mini Face Lift

Mini Yüz GermeIn middle-aged patients, who have not too much sagging, it is possible to do face lift operations in shorter time and with incisions smaller than that in classical face lift operations. >>

Neck Lift

Boyun GermeThe area from the gonion to the neck is called ‘jowl’ and normally creates an angle close to 90 degrees. Congenital or acquired fat accumulation may occur in this area, while loosening and sagging may occur in the skin and subcutaneous muscles. >>

Eyebrow Lift

Kaş KaldırmaIn the course of time, the eyebrows change place downwards due to the effect of gravity, and causes the person to look sad, tired, and old. >>


Göz Kapağı EstetiğiChanges such as wrinkles, bag formations, sagging and swelling that occur in the course of time in the eyelids, which play a key role in facial expressions, cause the person to look sad, tired and older. >>

Lip Enhancement

Çene EstetiğiThe lips play an important role in the face’s ability to look young and beautiful. An aesthetically beautiful lip form may vary from person to person in the course of time. The doctor and the patient should discuss the photographs and arrive at a consensus. >>

Chin Reshaping

Çene EstetiğiThe lips that constitute the lower 1/3 of the face significantly affect the appearance of the chin and the face. Especially the cases, where the chin looks smaller or larger than normal or more receded or more prominent in side view, are the factors that disrupt the harmony between the structures constituting the face, and adversely affect the face’s overall appearance. >>

Facial Fat Injection

Yüze Yağ DolgusuIt is the process that involves taking fat cells from a region of the body such as the abdomen or hips, through special cannulae with a thickness of 2 mm, and then injecting the same fat into another region of the same person through special syringes of cannulae again. >>


Yüzden Yağ Alma (Liposuction)It is the procedure that involves the removal of the excess fats accumulated under the skin, through 2-4 mm cannulae and vacuum. In the United States, 198,000 liposuction  operations were performed with in 2009, and the procedure has been the 4th most commonly performed plastic surgery in the country. >>

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