Facial Implants


Facial Implants

Chin and Cheekbone Implants (Maxillofacial Implants)

Collapses or deficiencies in the facial bones, which are congenital or acquired due to a trauma, are eliminated by placing implants (prostheses ) on them, and consequently, a fuller and well balanced face is obtained.

  • The tip of the lower jaw, sides of the chin, and the cheekbones are the regions where implants are applied most commonly.
  • A pouch is prepared on the bones by accessing them through the incisions made inside the mouth, and then the implant in an appropriate size and shape is placed. Implants are fixed to the bone under them, by means of screws or sutures.
  • Some different synthetic products such as silicone and goretex are used for the same purpose as well.
  • Porous polyethylene implant (Medpor) is the most commonly used product for this purpose. Pores in the implant allow for tissue progression in its inside, and as a result, the implant gets better integrated with the surrounding tissue. It can be planed and shaped as desired during the surgery.
  • Especially smallness of the chin tip is very common condition and adversely affects the overall facial appearance. With chin tip implants, extremely satisfactory results are achieved. The can also be performed in combination with rhinoplasty.
  • Placement of the facial implants in very sterile conditions is of great importance in terms of protection against infections. The implant may need to be removed if any infection develops around it.
  • Choosing the patient who really needs an implant, determining the right-sized and shaped implant, and performing the surgery duly with the proper technique are the critical points in achieving successful results with facial implants.

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Prof. Dr. Cengiz Açıkel, Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, Facial Implants