Eyebrow Lift


Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow Surgery, Eyebrow Lift, Eyebrow Suspension:

In the course of time, the eyebrows change place downwards due to the effect of gravity, and causes the person to look sad, tired, and old. Especially, sagging in the outer parts of the eyebrows increases the bag formation in the upper eyelid, and makes the crow’s feet more noticeable. Eyebrow lift surgery can be done alone or in combination with operations such as removal of bags from the upper eyelids (blepharoplasty), temporal lift or forehead lift.

The Ideal Shape of Eyebrow

Ideal Shape of Eyebrow varies depending on time, culture, individual and gender. The doctor must determine the ideal shape of eyebrow for each patient individually, by discussing it with the patient when she is looking at photographs and in the mirror.

Nonsurgical Brow Lift

Eyebrows are most commonly lifted with nonsurgical procedures that are effective for a period of just 4-6 months, after which they need to be repeated.

Suture Suspension of the Brow

Brow suspension procedure is carried out by using special threads under local anesthesia; however, it loses its effect in a shorter period of time compared to that of surgical techniques. Its advantage is that it can be performed under local anesthesia in the office.

Eyebrow Lift Surgery

The eyebrow can be lifted by using different techniques.  In endoscopic forehead lifting surgery, inner and outer parts of the eyebrows accessed through small incisions made in the scalp can be lifted as a whole.

The muscles pulling the eyebrows downwards can be permanently damaged to allow the eyebrows to rise, by reaching their inner parts, which are close to the nose, through the incision made for cosmetic surgery of the upper eyelid.

Especially in the middle-aged people, mostly lifting the outer part of the eyebrows (the edges close to the ear) alone can be adequate. For this purpose, inside the scalp is accessed through an incision of 1-2 cm, and then the outer part of the eyebrow is lifted and fixed in its place. The operation takes 1 hour on the average, and can be done under local anesthesia.

Eyebrow Lift in Men

Sagging eyebrows and bag formations in the eyelids are very common in middle-aged and older men, and cause a serious image problem both in business life and social life.

The distance between the scalp and eyebrow is longer in men, compared to women, or there is hair loss in this area; so, it is difficult to hide any incisions made there. Therefore, eyebrow lift techniques performed by entering through the upper eyelid are more preferable in man. The place under the eyebrow is accessed through the incision made for the cosmetic surgery of the upper eyelid, and then the eyebrow is lifted and fixed in its place with the anchor system or a suture method, for protecting its position.

Important Points in Eyebrow Lift

Extremely lifted eyebrows cause an unnatural facial appearance as much as sagging eyebrows do. Determining the right level of the eyebrows is plastic surgeon’s responsibility.

There could be asymmetries between the two eyebrows; so, this should be well assessed before surgery.

In methods that involve suture placement under the eyebrows, sutures may create a collapse on the eyebrows, and then the recovery may take several weeks or months.

Permanency of the eyebrow lift procedure is the most commonly questioned issue. There are various approaches and arguments about this issue. It should be known that as long as the effect of time and gravity exist, the eyebrows will continue to change place downwards. However, it is required to have an operation with a technique that has a permanent and proven effect, in order to prolong that period.

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