Concha Bullosa Surgery

burun eti ameliyatı

The meaty parts at the both sides of a healthy nose structure are called concha. Concha hypertrophy that occurs in these sections due to direct or indirect factors is treated with concha surgery. Concha surgery, one of the rhinoplasty procedures, is performed due to some health conditions rather than aesthetic concerns.

Overgrowth of the concha leads to some unfavorable conditions for the patients. Concha surgery is intended for ending concha hypertrophy that causes some consequences such as snoring, nasal congestion, sleeping with open mouth, sweating during sleep, and bad breath.

How long does a Concha Bullosa Surgery Take?

Concha surgery performed under local or general anesthesia takes averagely 20 minutes. The operation could take a little longer, if there is a cartilage deviation or sinusitis operation in addition to the concha surgery.

Points to take into Consideration after Concha Surgery

Patients can be discharged on the same day after a healthy rhinoplasty. The most important factor affecting the healing after rhinoplasty that requires rest for a period of about 1 week and 10 days is the frequent cleaning and renewal of the silicon splints attached to the nose. The cleaning process is recommended to be carried out with special sprays or salty water such as ocean water. In addition, drying and crusting may occur in the nose, within the first weeks after the surgery. This is quite normal, and is treated by applying ointments under medical supervision.

The patient should visit the doctor for controls at averagely 3-4-week intervals. In this process, the healing condition is examined and the medical intervention is performed by the doctor.

What is the Price of Concha Bullosa Surgery?

The price of concha surgery is determined after medical examination made by the doctor. Concha surgery prices vary depending on the difference of the nose structure and the excess amount of the concha.

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